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Dump Trailer Rental: At-Home Solution for Moving and Hauling Materials

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on December 9, 2013


You may be like many people who relish the idea of spending hours in their gardens, tending to plants and beautifying their outdoor space. However, no matter how green your thumb may be, you probably don't enjoy the part where you have to haul pounds and pounds of heavy materials.

Lugging around things like dirt, wood, bricks and rocks can be back-breaking work. You can save hours of labor, and spare your back, by using a trailer to carry the load for you. Dump trailer rental is always an option, particularly if owning one yourself is out of the question.

Different Types of Trailers

The difference between a regular utility trailer and a dump trailer is quite significant. Typically, a traditional utility trailer only consists of sideboards, a tailgate that will slide out and a single axle. Whatever a utility trailer carries must be lifted on and off of it manually. Many times this type of trailer is homemade, whereas a dump trailer usually isn't. While both can do the job of moving materials for you, a dump trailer will actually empty the load as well, as hydraulics lift the trailer bed off its frame to do this. It's easy to imagine how much less physically demanding using the latter type would be for anyone.

Renting Versus Buying

If you have plenty of space to store a trailer, and you're regularly involved in landscaping or construction projects (perhaps professionally), then it may be a worthwhile investment to purchase one. Buying heavy-duty equipment like a trailer isn't exactly in every person's budget—a used dump trailer is usually at least a few thousand dollars. Nor is it usually needed for someone working on an occasional project. Take advantage of dump trailer rental. It's the perfect solution to help you get your landscaping project done without having to spend thousands buying one. 

If you need more information on dump trailer rental, please feel free to contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental today.

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