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Don’t Get Stuck in the Snow Without a Bobcat

Posted by: Erika Green on February 22, 2016


Whether you’re prepping for that huge blizzard that the Weather Channel has been talking about for the last week or a snow squall that’s starting to come down right now, planning for a snowstorm involves a bit more than simply stocking up on bread, toilet paper, and milk.

From innovative snow shovels to battery powered snow throwers, to pricey snow plow attachments, to skid steers, snow removal tools have evolved far beyond the back-breaking snow shovel. You probably already own a shovel of some kind. You may even have a snow thrower. But what if you’ve got a large area to clear and are expecting a huge storm? How do you know when to bring in the big guns?

Fortunately, your local The Home Depot has options that will save you time and money. While driving a Bobcat skid steer is undoubtedly more fun than pushing a snow thrower, make sure you’re selecting the right tool for the right job. If you think you may need a bit more power than a snow thrower for that next storm, make sure you plan accordingly.    

Four days before the snow starts

Watch the weather forecast and keep your eyes and ears open for weather Watches and Warnings. Watches mean that meteorologists are keeping an eye on a developing system that may or may not pass through. Warnings mean that meteorologists are certain a weather event is about to hit the area. Rather than relying only on your local TV news, consult your favorite online weather source to see when your area is expected to receive the most snow.

Three days before the snow starts

By now, the weather forecast is getting more accurate. Assess your snow removal tools, timing, and areas that you need to clear. Maybe you usually clear that lot using your truck plow, but they’re calling for 3-foot snow drifts that will need moved, not just pushed around. Or maybe you have to clear a long hilly driveway and are scared about maneuvering safely on the ice. Either way, you may want to consider a Bobcat skid steer. It has numerous advantages over the traditional truck and plow combo.  A skid steer loader allows you to safely move snow and snow piles exactly where you want it, and away from where you don’t. Secondly, a skid steer will provide you with speed and traction, making it a safer option for icy surfaces.

This is the time to decide whether you will need some snow removal reinforcements.

48 hours before the snow starts

You’re not the only one preparing for the impending storm. Stop by your local Home Depot or call 1-888-266-7228, 48 hours before you think you’ll need the equipment. While we do offer the convenience of same-day rental, our Bobcats are very popular rentals during the winter. To ensure you get the equipment you need, you should make your reservation 48 hours in advance. Weather can be unpredictable, so it is better to be prepared than sorry.

Both the Bobcat T450 and Bobcat S550 skid steer loaders are great options for moving more than 1,000 pounds of snow in a single pass. We offer rentals ranging from four hours to daily, weekly or monthly. If you live in an area where heavy snowfall is expected often or if you have to regularly clear large lots, you can often save time and money by renting a piece of equipment for the entire season.

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