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Creating Nice Garden Edges With a Trencher Rental

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on December 4, 2013


The thing that distinguishes residential properties from untamed woodlands is in their purposeful landscape designs. Whether you like a natural look or a more formal style, separating the various features of your garden is a must. When it comes to creating clean and neat garden edges, using a trencher can get the job done faster and with greater ease. 

Trench Edging

Using a trencher can help you craft garden edges that look natural and casual. With this technique, shallow trenches are created to separate grass areas from garden beds. Grass then grows over the barrier that's produced from trenching. It's an effective, simple-to-do method that gardeners have been using for many years. And if you opt to use a trencher, you can the job done in much less time and with less effort. 

Trench edging doesn't involve any other materials beyond the trencher. To keep the work maintained during the growing season, you'll need to use a string trimmer around the edges. The only real downside is that you may need to spruce up the trench area several times a year to keep the bed line neat. 

Other Garden Edging Options

If you would rather have a more defined separation between your garden beds and lawn, consider the following edging techniques:

Bender board - This option is fairly easy to place and its flexibility is great for crafting curves, though it's not as readily available. 

Stone - Stone can look rustic or sophisticated, depending on particular style you use, but it is more expensive. 

Wood - Wood looks more casual and is pretty affordable, but will only create straight lines.

Concrete - Concrete is much more permanent and durable than others. It also gives a formal and finished look, though it tends to be more costly. 

Steel - Steel can create wavy patterns for a more contemporary style. It's also relatively inexpensive, but can rust over time. 


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