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Create a Summer Garden

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 1, 2015

summer_vegetable_garden (1).png

Planting and maintaining a vegetable garden is a great activity for the entire family. Preparing and planting the garden, and later cooking with fresh vegetables, provides hours of fun as well as great educational opportunities during the warmer months.

Here are a few steps to get yours started:

First, plan out what vegetables, fruits, herbs or plants you’d like to grow in your garden. Keep in mind that some plants will produce vegetables or fruit throughout the growing season, such as tomatoes or peppers. While other plants, like carrots, will produce only once.

Also consider what areas of your yard get the most hours of direct sunlight, considering that most vegetables need 6-8 hours of full sun daily.

Once you’ve determined this, decide on the size and location for your new garden. Depending on the amount of overgrowth in that area, a tractor loader backhoe can greatly speed up your clearing efforts. You’ll need to be sure the area is clear of other plants, yard waste and any grass or sod.

In addition to clearing, the area will need to be tilled. This is a great time to incorporate nutrients with compost or other materials to enrich soil.

Next, plan to add a little aesthetic appeal. To keep unwanted yard growth or pests out of your new garden, install edging around the perimeter. This could be bricks or stone, railroad ties or even a small fence. There are many options when it comes to edging, so let your creativity go to work!  

If you have the space in your garden, plant your vegetables in rows at least 18 inches apart to allow plenty of space to walk between them. Remember to add stakes for plants, like tomatoes, that need them.

Lastly, plan to add a nice layer of mulch on top to keep water and nutrients in the soil – and weeds out of your garden.   

Remember that watering, weeding and general upkeep should happen on a regular basis. You can even plant a second round of late summer or early fall vegetables, like carrots and kale. Tending to your new vegetable garden can be a fun – and delicious – hobby!

What do you have planned for gardening this year?

Tags: DIY, summer, garden, summer garden, gardening, vegetable garden, equipment rental, tractor loader backhoe