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Count on Barreto Trenchers to Cut Digging Time in Half

Posted by: Erika Green on January 28, 2019


Jobs that call for the use of a trencher are always in high demand. Whether you’re using a trencher to dig several feet of soil to install a French drain, snip underground roots, or dig underground for electrical wires, you and your team need the most reliable brand ready to perform.

What name comes to mind? Barreto.

Since the 1980s, Barreto has revolutionized the construction industry by creating all-hydraulic machines that increased efficiency and decreased the amount of maintenance repairs. Contractors could go to a jobsite and rely on their trenchers to withstand any condition and get the job done.

The Home Depot Rental proudly carries a variety of trenchers that are backed by the Barreto name and history.

All of our trenchers have a chainsaw-like design with a boom and chain you can easily adjust to control the depth of the cut. Using a chain trencher allows you to cut narrow and deep trenches when a job requires it.

Check out some of the models currently available for rent:

Barreto E924 24-in. Trencher

The Barreto E924 24-in. trencher is the perfect machine for the residential contractor – one who needs a smaller machine to operate when digging small trenches for French drains and in-ground sprinkler systems. Easy to maneuver, this model weighs 620 lbs. and is complete with simple controls and a 227 feet per minute digging chain speed.

Barreto 2036RTK Stand-on Trencher

The 2036RTK features a fixed platform and individual controls that allow the operator to dig straight when working on an uneven surface. If your next job requires a lot of digging, this is the most efficient machine to use.

Barreto 2348 48-in. Trencher

With a maximum digging depth of 48 in., the Barreto 2348 trencher has a heavy-duty design that holds up to the toughest conditions. This model performs best for the bigger electrical and landscaping jobs or jobs that include harder soils or surfaces.

To view more Barreto trenchers, click here.

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