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College Students: Your Summer Job Awaits

Posted by: Erika Green on July 13, 2017

BX25 application_02.jpg

If you’re a college student, summer vacation is your chance to earn some extra cash. While many jobs rely on students to fill their staffing needs, the erratic schedules and less-than-impressive paychecks can make finding the right summer job tough. So, what do you do? Start your own business, of course.

With heavy equipment from Compact Power, an entrepreneurial spirit and some networking, you can create your own landscaping business. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get this rolling.

Start with your network

Ask your neighbors. Talk to relatives. Get in touch with family, friends, former teachers and classmates. You’d be surprised at the number of people that need help with outdoor projects this summer. Start locally and build relationships to start bringing in business.

Trust us, one of the biggest challenges homeowners face is not having the time to do all of the projects they want to get done. That’s where you come in. You can be a resource for your community to get the job done right.

Get to know our heavy equipment rental options

We offer 4-hour, daily, weekly and monthly rentals on all of our heavy equipment. Depending on the project, your rental needs will vary. For example, digging a trench for a sprinkler system or planting trees will only require a 4-hour rental. But, projects like a patio or driveway call for a couple days of work.

Keep in mind that our rental rates depend on the machine you’re renting and where you’re located. Visit your local Compact Power Equipment Rental or call 1-888-COMPACT to get more detail.

Understand the equipment

If you haven’t operated heavy equipment before, do your research so you’re comfortable (and safe!) using them on the job. We can help with that:

  • Check out our YouTube channel. We have videos that walk you through some of our most popular equipment like a Kubota mini excavator or a Bobcat skid steer.
  • Read our safety manuals.
  • Talk to folks at your local Rental Center and ask lots of questions.

Get your friends onboard

If you have big projects lined up for the summer, it’s always good to have extra help. Once your business is set up, ask your friends if they’ll join in the fun. The more people on your team, the easier the work will be. And with our heavy equipment your summer job will be just more convenient.

Tags: DIY, heavy equipment, job, summer, landscaping, equipment rental, outdoor projects, Kubota, mini excavator, Bobcat, skid steer