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Clear Your View: 5 Quick Steps for Tree Trimming (Aerial Equipment)

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 11, 2013


Spring is nearing an end and it is time to clear out any dead limbs and make sure you have an unobstructed summer view. So what is the easiest way to trim those tall branches safely and prepare your yard for summer?

Step 1 : Determine Project Depth 

The first step in your project should be determining if there are any dead or view obstructing limbs which need removal. If you have a raised porch or deck, be sure to take height into account when judging view obstruction. Keep a sharp eye out for overhead power lines and objects that could cause problems during your ascent.

Step 2: Rent a Boom Lift

Though a ladder may sound like a quick option when cutting down tree limbs, consider renting a JLG T350 Towable Boom Lift from your local Compact Power Equipment Rental to make the project more manageable. Make sure you have read theTool Tips and Owner’s Manual before heading up to clean! OSHA has some great tips as well OSHA Aerial Lift Fact Sheet.  

Step 3: Gather Cutting Materials

Once you have set up your Boom Lift in a safe location on hard level earth, be sure to collect your cutting materials. Be sure that all materials are secure during the ascent. 

Step 4: Cut Down Branches Safely

After ascending to a safe height, with your chosen branch, be sure to keep you and others out of the fall zone while trimming and cutting down branches. Be aware of overhead hanging dead limbs which may be affected by the limb you are cutting.

Step 5: Utilize Excess Branches

Once you have come down from the lift and are cleaning up your yard, be sure not throw away the limbs! Save them for that first summer bonfire or even kindling. If you have large limbs you may want to rent a chipper shredder and turn the excess into mulch for a compost pile or landscaping materials.

With summer gearing up, now is the perfect time to clear out those dead or obstructing branches. With the help of JLG T350 Towable Boom Lift, this project can be pulled off effectively and efficiently. Have any of your own tips for trimming branches and clearing your yard for summer? Let us know!  

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