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Build Backyard Bliss

Posted by: Erika Green on August 28, 2019


Look at this beaut. Ready for delivery and ready to make your dreams of a backyard paradise come true. Whether that’s spending time outdoors with the family or bringing a Pinterest board to life, renting large equipment can help.

We’ve got some ideas to get you going, but the best part is that each can be accomplished with tools, supplies and equipment rentals from The Home Depot.

Build a Fire Pit

The fire pit is a true backyard hero’s must-have. Whether you’re simply looking to upgrade what you already have or want to start fresh, renting a mini skid steer is the first step. Clearing, leveling and preparing for installation is much easier if you have a machine that does the work for you!

Create a Flower Garden

A simple flower garden can transform any backyard into a suburban oasis, but there’s more to it than just organizing greenery in the right spots. Repositioning dirt, spreading mulch and other commonly overlooked steps are what turn a simple garden into a colorful outdoor sanctuary. Use a rototiller to prepare the soil for planting and rent a trailer to pick up and transport fresh mulch, soil, sod and plants.

Tree Care

How many times have you said to yourself, “We should trim that tree…” but never actually did? With aerial equipment as well as small tools from The Home Depot Rental, you can finally check this one off your list. Read the operations manual to understand how to safely use your boom lift.

Knowing the backyard projects you need to complete your oasis is half the battle. But knowing what tools and equipment you need from The Home Depot Rental is as easy as asking one of our knowledgeable associates. So, bring us your list of projects and we’ll help create an outdoor space fit for the whole family.

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