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Build a Golf Oasis in the Backyard

Posted by: Erika Green on April 7, 2016


Image courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Masters begins today, and whether you’re rooting for Jordan or Rory, you don’t have to join an expensive club to practice your short game. You can do it right in your backyard. But how do you update your green space to give you the best shot at the Tour? Build a backyard green and get your putter ready.

Before you can putt like Mickelson, you’ll need to consider the equipment, tools and products necessary to renovate your space. To make room for that putting green, you’ll need a Terex TC20 Excavator, a Toro TRX16 Trencher, aerator and dump trailer. Contact your local Compact Power Equipment Rental or take advantage of our VIP Onsite Delivery to rent the equipment for the weekend. We’ll drop everything off and pick it up when you’re ready so you won’t have to waste any renovation time. Also be sure to pick up grass seed, practice cups and flags from The Home Depotbefore starting your project.

Once you have the equipment on site, you can begin building your own backyard Masters green. Start by determining the actual size of the putting green, where the holes will be located and how it fits into the current landscape of your yard. After you’ve settled on the putting green’s design, use the Terex TC20 Excavator to rip up the existing greenery. As you are leveling the space, use the excavator’s front basket to equally distribute the existing dirt, beneath the putting green’s new location, and drop in supplementary soil as needed.

Focus on allowing enough square footage for several holes to challenge your short game. Once you’ve finished leveling, use one of our dump trailers to get rid of all that extra dirt.

From there you’ll need to ensure adequate drainage. The more precipitation on the green, the slower your putt will roll. To combat this, use the Toro TRX16 Trencher to build trenches that act as a security net for the green. They should allow drainage to flow through the new grass without submerging and swampifying the surrounding areas. Once the lay of the land is complete, use theaerator and seeder to spread neatly packed grass seed and embed your practice cups in the appropriate locations to complete the process. Don’t forget to plant a few Azaleas to capture the full Masters effect!

As for when you’ll be able to start practicing your putting, that’s dependent on a variety of characteristics (learn more here), but ultimately, the seeds will blossom into a lush Masters green. 

As the grass grows, be prepared for the upkeep of the newest addition to your yard. To keep the green in the best shape possible, keep a close eye on the grass height to ensure it doesn’t become overgrown and interfere with your putting abilities. Once the land is mature and the weather warms up, add the decorative flags as needed and you’ll have a full-fledged golf oasis, perfect for practice. And while you might not be able to wear the Green Jacket, you’ll have a putting green worthy of a champ.

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