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Best Trenching How-To's

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on May 20, 2013


Find out about all the ways you can utilize trenching in your yard this spring. To help you get educated, we've provided some useful resources on how to get your trenching projects started. 

Trenching: For Your Garden.

How To Trench For Gardening: The ambitious gardener knows that trench gardening, in all its age-old glory, is still one of the most efficient and effective means for producing successful crops. Root vegetables, such as potatoes, are particularly successful when this method of gardening is employed. To save yourself time and a backache, rent a gas powered trencher to get the job done.

Trenching How To's for your #garden @CompactPower

Trenching: For the Big Jobs

How To Excavate a Trench: In some cases, even the DitchWitch will prove insufficient for the job of large trench excavation. Enter: the mini-excavator. This machine proves effective for trenches that involve sewage line and pipe installation up to 5 feet deep. Be sure to preserve your existing foliage before beginning the excavation process.

Trenching: For Irrigation

How To Dig Irrigation Trenches: To keep your lawn a healthy vibrant green, install  a sprinkler system.  With the Toro Trencher, this task is actually easier done than said. 

Trenching... For Everything Else

Trenching Step-by-Step: Review the helpful steps of the general trench digging process so you can be prepared for your next project.

Download the trencher tool tip   


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