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Before Digging, Call 811 — How This Service Keeps Everyone Safe

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on July 7, 2014


Are you planning your next landscape or home improvement project? Many times such jobs require digging up the earth, so you should be aware that the subterranean world is home to more than just burrowing worms and ground squirrels. Lines, cables and pipes are housed there too. And no matter how experienced you may be, it can be easier than you think to run into problems when the shovels come out. These problems can affect your entire neighborhood, potentially disrupting service, or can lead to an unsafe situation. To avoid hazards, repair work or fines, you should call 811 before getting to work. Learn more about this free service and how it helps with digging safety.

What is 811?

811 is a a federally mandated help line that provides free assistance to those who intend on starting a project that involves digging. Utility lines are placed at different depths and can be easily hit if you don't where they are ahead of time. This can even happen with something as simple as planting a tree. By calling 811 ahead of time, you can safely excavate where you want to.

What Calling 811 Involves

A call to 811 is simple and fast, and can assure digging safety. You can call from anywhere in the U.S. a few days before your project is supposed to begin. All projects, both current and future ones, should only begin after going through the process of calling 811. When you call, the following will typically happen:

  1. Your call will be routed to your local One Call Center.
  2. An operator will note what kind of job you're planning and where you intend on digging.
  3. Your local utility companies will be contacted and informed of your plans.
  4. Within a few days, the affected utility companies will send someone out to identify the approximate spot of any pipes, lines or cables underground.

You've called 811 to ensure proper digging safety, and are now ready to break ground. If you need to rent equipment to help you get the job done, please contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental anytime.

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