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Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on November 4, 2013


A brush cutter is one of the most versatile yard tools available, and they are ideal for homeowners who need to do more than keep a suburban lawn neatly trimmed. Taming a forest of kudzo and other overgrowth requires more than just the average lawnscaping arsenal of weedwackers and riding mowers. When battling dense growth, a brush cutter is the only machine that can prevail.

Exactly What is a Brush Cutter?

Brush cutters work by spinning line just like their smaller cousin, the line trimmer, but it is made from thicker and heavier material. They offer larger engine sizes, usually between 50cc and 65cc. These two features create a more durable machine plus they give you the power to quickly cut through heavier grasses and undergrowth. Brush cutters also have longer shafts than line trimmers, which will give you more reach when trimming hard-to-access areas. 

Another key feature is the secure grip; brush cutters are outfitted with two handle bars and a harness for improved stability and maneuverability. This also distributes the machine's weight better, so you will tire less quickly.

The Useful Brush Cutter

These robust tools are perfect for trimming long grass around fences, gardens or tree-lines, or for getting a large area of tough undergrowth under control. They are ideal for clearing out small bushes, for trimming back growth in awkward spots such as along embankments and verges, or for clearing trails on your property. Their more powerful engines will even let you clear saplings and small trees with trunks up to 2 inches in diameter when you switch to a saw blade attachment.

If you're thinking about renting a brush cutter, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Look for a machine that is powerful enough to handle the work you plan to do.
  • Choose a machine that features vibration dampening to reduce strain and fatigue.
  • Opt for an ergonomic harness for increased comfort.
  • Choose a cutter with an angled handlebar to help keep its weight balanced.
  • Pick a model that offers several interchangeable cutting accessories for a wider range of uses.

Whether you're clearing a plot or cutting a trail, Compact Power Equipment Rental has the brush cutter you need. Visit us for more information.

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Images via Shutterstock.comPeco Brush Cutters

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