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A Backyard Fish Pond Is Attainable With the Right Planning

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on October 14, 2013


The relaxing sights and sounds of a backyard fish pond can add a lot to a home's landscape, and there are innumerable options for integrating one into a backyard. If you don't want to spring for an expansive, professionally done pond, you can keep costs down by creating a simpler pond and doing some of the work yourself.

One major decision you'll have to make is how deep to make your backyard fish pond. Shallow ponds are the most affordable option because they are easier to dig and require less materials. They also have some advantages over deeper ponds in that they allow for closer views of the fish and for the growth of lily pads, which don't grow in deeper water.

On the other hand, deeper ponds can be worth the extra effort because they can make it easier to ensure your fish will live long, healthy lives. The extra water present helps dilute the waste the fish produce, which makes it easier to maintain good water quality. They also offer better protection from predators that might have an easy time capturing the fish in shallow water. You can lessen the amount of work required for digging a deeper hole by renting construction equipment. A mini excavator works particularly well for this task and will help save your back.

An earthen bottom pond won't hold water for long, so the next step is to add a lining. Spray concrete is the most durable lining option and allows for lighting and other features to be incorporated. However, it's also the most expensive and must be installed by professionals. You can use rubber liners instead, but be careful to ensure they are installed correctly. You should also take steps to ensure the liner is protected from any burrowing rodents that might be present. An easy way to prevent rodent issues is by first lining the pond with bags of concrete that have been wetted and had holes poked in them.

The rest of the process is pretty straightforward. Pump equipment should come with operating and installation instructions, and you can use your creativity to complete the surrounding landscaping. Once the chemical balance and temperature of the water is right you'll be ready to add the fish.

If you're creating a backyard fish pond, contact Compact Power Equipment Rental for all of your equipment rental needs. 

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 Fish pond image Aquascape Inc. via Houzz, Koi pond image via Wikimedia

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