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9 Real Life Dr. Seuss Plants you can have in your Backyard

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on August 26, 2013


Fancy a bit of whimsy in your backyard? We've compiled a list of nine fantastical flowers and plants you can grow in your own garden with a little love and the help of Compact Power Equipment Rental, of course. Bonus- some of them are edible!

1. Kochia Balls 

These magnificent plants can grow in flowing waves and are reminiscent of just about every Dr. Seuss illustration ever. They even come in two whimsical colors: hot pink and grass green.

2. Giant Dandelions 

For serious wish inquiries only, please. These dainty puffballs are often mistaken for giant dandelions but are actually the flowers of the Salsify plant, which has an edible parsnip-like root. 

3. Wild Maypop 

The wild maypop is not as wild as it sounds; it can in fact be cultivated in your backyard. It is part of the passion flower family and produces an edible fruit closer to the vine.

4. Watermelon Radish 

Don't be fooled by the plain outside, the inside of the watermelon radish is filled with whimsy. When thinly sliced, this radish can also be baked into delectable chips.


5. Broccoli Romanesco 

This odd yet edible plant can be successfully introduced to almost any garden with the proper care.

6. White alpine strawberries 

Looks like a strawberry, tastes like a pineapple. 

7. Allium Flowers 

You can make a simple addition of color and fun to your garden by adding these tall, ball-shaped flowers.

8. Bleeding Heart Flower 

Tragic name, beautiful flower. 

9. Globe Thistles 

If you really want to get creative in your garden, consider adding some globe thistles. Their nearly perfectly spherical shape can turn any plain plot into a fantastical field of botanical brilliance.

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