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7 Ways to Reduce Storm Water Runoff Around Your Home

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 9, 2014


When you reduce storm water runoff from your yard and garden, you're doing your part to protect your area's drinking water supplies and aquatic life, as well as protecting your home from flooding. Just a few simple landscape improvements can do a lot to keep your water clean.

Contemporary Landscape by Seattle Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Banyon Tree Design Studio

  • Cut out the concrete - Concrete and asphalt prevent rainwater from being absorbed into the ground. Replace concrete paths and patios with pavers or stepping stones. Remove the center of your driveway and replace it with grass.
  • Reuse roof runoff - Directing your downspouts toward your lawn or garden allows these areas to absorb the water before it can run off your property. To capture the water for later outdoor use, install rain barrels under the downspouts.
  • Improve your soil - Make sandy or clay soil more absorbent by adding 2 to 4 inches of organic material every year. Shredded leaves, compost and manure are all good options.
  • Plant more trees - Trees, with their deep, thirsty root systems, help reduce storm water runoff as they beautify your landscape, provide shade and increase property value.
  • Add a rain garden - Under downspouts and in shallow areas where puddles often form, plant grasses, shrubs and other greenery that love to take in excess water.
  • Replace the lawn - As flat surfaces where a fair amount of fertilizer is often applied, lawns create the perfect conditions for large amounts of runoff. Consider replacing yours with a garden of native plants. Large plants soak up rainwater and filter out any contaminants before they can reach the ground water.
  • Add a French drain - Installing a French drain at the end of your driveway slows down rain runoff enough to allow time for some of the chemicals it may contain to be filtered out. A traditional French drain is simply a gravel-filled trench, although the modern version often contains a drain pipe. With a backhoe, trencher or mini-excavator, these drains are simple to install.  

If you're ready to reduce storm water runoff from your property, stop by a Compact Power Equipment Rentallocation for easy-to-use equipment that will make light work of your landscaping jobs.

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