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7 Unique Fire Pit Ideas to Amp Up Your Outdoor Space

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on December 12, 2013

compact_power_fire_pit (1).jpg

A backyard fire pit adds ambiance in the summer, but it's much more useful when fall and winter arrive. Fire is an element that complements conversation, not to mention the age-old pastime of roasting marshmallows. Plus, there's no better place to snuggle up and look at the stars.

Here are seven unique fire pit ideas you can use to amp up your outdoor space and make it a centerpiece for year-round entertainment.

1. Sunken table

Whether you find one pre-made or you hire a contractor to create one for you, a cast-iron table makes an attractive and portable fire pit frame. It can be moved around to change your social center and can be taken with you when you move.

2. Fire wall

Depending on the regulations where you live, a fire pit might be against the rules. In that case, a long gas-fired wall insert will give you the element of fire without all the risks.

3. Fire cove

Building a room for the fire means you and your guests can enjoy it... rain or stars. A walled and roofed fire place area creates an especially romantic ambiance. Just make sure the fire is adequately vented for safety. 

4. Wind block 

If you live in a particularly windy area, build a wind block to keep your fire healthy and to keep burning cinders from escaping the fire area.

5. Wall-inset

A double-sided fireplace in a patio wall is ideal for parties that split into his-and-hers spots or for enjoying a built-in television on one side and a TV-free fire on the other.

6. The unexpected  

One of the most unique fire pit ideas is to combine fire and water using a natural gas fire insert at the top of a fountain, pairing two of our favorite elements.

7. Fire pit illusion

While you're waiting for your fire pit to be finished, consider using a decorative fire-proof container loaded with large candles to create a similar effect.  

Planning on building your own fire pit? Use our DIY guide to build a fire pit the right way. 

And if you need some serious tools to complete the project, contact Compact Power Equipment Rental. We've got all types of heavy-duty equipment available for long-term and short-term rental.

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Images via Shutterstock.comContemporary Patio via HouzzMediterranean Pool via Houzz , Modern Landscape via Houzz 

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