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7 Step Gutter Cleaning Overview - Aerial Equipment Rental

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on March 3, 2013


Though often overlooked, cleaning out your gutters can be essential in protecting your wallet in the long run. So what are some long term problems you may encounter if gutters become too full?

Why clean out gutters? 

The first and most obvious problem when gutters become cluttered with debris and then rainfall, is sheer weight! Though sturdy, too much material can cause a complete collapse of your drainage system which can be very costly. Another damaging result of clogged gutters is water's natural tendency to move towards a path of least resistance. If it just so happens to be easier for water to creep into your roof / house, it can cause rot and decrease gutter reliability.

Safe and easy steps for gutter cleaning

Step 1: Determine the scope of the project

Step 2: Rent a Boom Lift

Renting a boom lift for gutter cleaning is much faster than using a ladder.  Head over to your local The Home Depot Rental and rent a towable JLG T350. Be sure to procure a safety harness prior to leaving The Home Depot.

Step 3: Place lift in a strategic location 

When cleaning out your gutters, safety should be a top consideration.  Situate the machine on level hard earth and ensure the  area is free from overhead obstacles and power lines. Make sure you have read the Tool Tips and Owner’s Manual before heading up to clean! 

Step 4: Prepare materials before ascent

Before you go up in the boom lift, be sure to have a hand trowel or a small tool for cleaning out those tough to reach spots. You will also want to use safety gloves and bring trash bags for disposal of the gutter debris and any rotted wood you may incur.   

Step 5: Begin cleaning out gutters

Begin by removing material away from the gutter mouth. This will prevent any debris from falling down your downspout and clogging the system. You will incur quite a bit of dirt which can become heavy quickly, so don’t be afraid to cycle through garbage bags quickly.

Step 6: Add material to compost pile

The material found in your gutters can be a great addition to any compost pile. Generally made up of dirt, twigs and leaves, these moist materials will decompose quickly and can provide a great source of nutrients for future garden projects.

Step 7: Inspect and touch up gutters

Once cleaned out, spray down any remaining debris with a hose and inspect your gutter for damage. Keep an eye out for dings, loose screws, or any signs of rotted wood. This inspection could be the difference between changing a screw now, or having to replace your whole drainage system later!

These seven easy steps can save you money in the long run. With the ease of rental, and safety provided, renting a boom lift can turn a tough job into an efficient project. Have any questions regarding gutters or cleaning? Let us know

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