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6 Simple Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 4, 2013


There are many ways to transform a desolate yard into a private outdoor sanctuary. This post will focus on the most effective means of privacy enhancement available to the average weekend warrior. 

1. Your own house

Erecting barriers around an entire expanse can be costly, and may not be the most economical way to afford your yard more privacy. Sometimes it's more practical to create an entirely new area than to adapt an existing one. Think about how you can use the walls of your own house or garage to create an intimate space within your yard. 

2. Lattices

When accompanied by existing structures, a few, well-placed lattice segments can create an intimate space seemingly out of thin air. They provide excellent screening, especially when accompanied by vines. This is also an incredibly economical option, as installation requires no professional help. A little lattice goes a long way. 

3. Fencing

When lacking existing structures, you may choose to erect a fence to give your yard a more encompassed and private feel. Fences are an excellent choice for those who have limited options because they still provide a great deal of variety. Level of coverage, materials, and color scheme can be selected to accomplish the look you want for your yard while adding privacy. Supplemental foliage around your fence will also help to increase the level of privacy of your yard. Now building a fence can seem like a daunting undertaking, but you do not need an entire construction crew. Save time and build it yourself when you rent your own Mini skid steer with auger, for a fraction of what it would could you to contract out the task.   You can use the auger to dig holes for the foliage as well.

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4. Pergolas

A pergola can be manipulated to add many elements of privacy. These gazebo-like structures can serve to create a sanctuary within a sanctuary by placing them in an obscure part of the yard concealed by foliage, or they just as easily be the focal point of your space. It really depends on your yard size and preference. Training a vine around your pergola will achieve many dimensions of privacy while also providing a decent amount of shade during daylight hours. The only downside- they can be costly. Fortunately for the ambitious builder, a pergola can also be installed with an excavator and the building materials of your choice without the hiring of an entire construction crew.  

5. Fountains

Privacy "is in the eyes of the beholder," or ears, as one could say- considering that privacy is perceived by more than just the sense of sight. Sounds also have the ability to give your yard a more intimate feel. For this reason, fountains are a great accessory for conditioning an atmosphere of privacy in your yard. 

6. No assembly required

When major structural augmentation is not a possibility, strategic lighting can be beneficial in staging an intimate night time space under the stars. Pick an area of your yard that is most secluded and place some comfortable seating there.  Next, add some large container plants around the space you want to separate. Orient your space around a fire glass pit to create a romantic and practical focal point. A mini-skid with auger will enable you to further define the space by installing new posts and stringing lighting around the perimeter of your new intimate getaway. Add a few cobblestones leading up to your seclusion... and voilà! Romantic date night mission accomplished. 

You can rent a skid steer or backhoe to use while comlpeting any of the projects listed above. For rental rates and pricing on the equipment you need, go to our website to price out your prject!

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Have you been thinking about doing any of these projects? Let us know below which you would like to tackle first.

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