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5 Tips for Spring Landscape Projects

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 29, 2013


Whether you want to install a simple stone walkway or completely redesign your garden, it is time take that project from dream to done! Here are a few simple tips to create an enjoyable gardening experience. 

1. Protect your back.  Heavy materials such as stone slabs or bricks, can really slow down a project.... Be smart and rent a mini skid steer to simplify the task.  Not to mention a mini-skid can aug holes, trench, carry, grade, dig and prep provided you have the proper attachments.  

2. Multi-use recycling. The garden is a great place to re-use items which would otherwise be thrown away. For example…try cutting a milk jug into a scoop. This scoop shape can be used as a quick gutter cleaner or a simple hand shovel. Other uses for a jug include a watering can, funnel, or a bird feeder.

3. Start a compost pile. Compost piles are a great way to provide lasting nutrients to your garden. You can either build your own out of simple materials such as chicken wire or purchase one from The Home Depot. By adding a mix of brown and green ingredients, your garden will thrive from the ongoing boost of nutrients.

4. Clean, sharp equipment is safer and better for plants. Gardening tools that have been lying in the shed are likely to be dull and rust covered.  Distilled white vinegar and a steel wool pad will do the trick for rust removal.  WD40 is always a grade-A option for restoring tools to their original luster, removing rust and improved functionality.  Don't forget to sharpen tools. Sharp tools make clean cuts and leave pruned plants better able to heal and flurish.

5. Know what to grow. One invaluable resource offered by the website, is the “Hardiness Zone Finder.”Knowing what to grow will ensure your garden is looking perfect no matter how early the season.  Simply type in your zip code to gain access to the best plants, local gardening events, and even a regional report specific to your area. 

 All of these tips can be used throughout the year and will make your spring gardening experience more enjoyable. Do you have any of your own tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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Tags: DIY, spring landscaping, mini skid steer, compost pile, recycling, gardening