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5 Steps Towards a Cleaner Yard - Chipper Shredders

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 18, 2013


Spring will soon be in the rearview mirror and it’s time to prepare your yard for summer fun! Late fall and winter debris commonly lead to downed limbs, piles of branches and leaf litter. This is where renting a Chipper/Shredder will come in handy and can turn winter’s mess into usable materials for the planting season. So how do you clean up your yard efficiently and effectively with a chipper? Read on!

Step 1: Choose and rent a chipper/shredder

Sounds easy right? Well it is! Simply head to your local Compact Power Equipment Rental and rent a Altec DC610 6 In Chipper, larger limbs (over 6”) require a more substantial chipper such as a 8” or 12” chipper. The DC610 also can quickly be attached to trailer hitch which makes transport a cinch.

Step 2: Separate shredding materials

The order in which you shred materials depends on your intended use for the end product. For example, shredded leaves and plants can become a great addition to your compost pile while shredded branches and twigs can be used for landscaping mulch. Larger branches, once shredded, could also potentially be used as kindling for that first summer bonfire!

Step 3: Proper machine placement and preparation

As with any rented equipment, it is very important to read the full Owners Manual and Tool Tips provided by the Compact Power website. Be sure to place the DC610 Chipper in a secure and steady location without any chance of wobble or tip-over. Look over what you are about to shred to make sure none of the material contains any metal debris or branches wider than the recommended width. It is also important to protect your eyes from flying debris through the use of safety goggles.  

Step 4: Shred your material and contain

Before you shred a single leaf, consider how you are going to contain the shredded material. Try setting up a tarp on the ground to catch your mulch or shredded leaves and simply rake up any excess debris. If you are shredding leaves for your compost pile, you may find it easiest to have the shredded material go directly into your compost area.

Step 5: Utilize your shredded material

For leaves and plants, the shredded material can easily be used for composting. However, there are many creative landscaping ideas possible with chipped wood pieces. For example, try using wood chips as mulch when surrounding bushes or garden beds. Once again, these wood chips may also be used as kindling for summer fires.

Cleaning your yard using a wood chipper is easy and can be a fun DIY project for late spring. Whether you are shredding leaves, or branches, the shredded material can be put to use and even give your home a new look! Have any ideas of your own for shredded material? Be sure to leave a comment. Any questions about wood chippers? Let us know!


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