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5 Landscaping Ideas to Increase Backyard Privacy

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 24, 2013


Whether you have a pool, playground, or a simple patio...privacy can be a pressing issue for homeowners who live in close proximity to neighbors. With warm weather in full swing and everyone spending more time in the yard, the time to install privacy measures is now! Before starting, be sure to consider the level of privacy you are seeking and check with your homeowner’s association before undertaking large projects.

 1. Wooden Privacy Fence 

A privacy fence is the most efficient way to block out any prying eyes. For complete privacy, your fence should be around 6 feet in height and you may want to install shrubbery near the base for aesthetics. For digging and material movement, renting a Kubota BX25 Tractor Loader Backhoe or Boxer 320 Mini Skid Steer are the best options. Fences are very customizable so be sure to factor type, height, color, and cost before digging.

2. Bamboo Barrier

If you are looking for a natural way to create a barrier, consider planting bamboo. This trendy plant will grow quickly to it’s maximum height and can be cut down to build a freestanding fence. Proper research into species types will help avoid any problems associated with spreading and overgrowth. Adding bamboo in front of a fence is also an effective way to increase yard privacy.

3. Potted Plants 

Adding large pots with either grasses or plants can be a great way to create a privacy screen for a porch or yard. For example, try planting lemon grass in three to four large decorative pots as a way to veil off a deck! Renting a Dump Trailer from Compact Power Equipment Rental is an easy and effective way to move pre-planted items to, and around, your home. Bamboo and Chinese fan palms are good substitutes for pot planting.

4. Mid-size Trees 

Another easy and year round way to ensure yard privacy is by installing a row of medium sized trees. Research which type of trees grow well in your area such as an American Arborvitae, and remember that these trees will need to be maintained. For installation, rent a Boxer 427 Compact Utility Loader from your local Compact Power Equipment Rental and utilize it for digging, moving dirt, and manoeuvring trees into place.

5. Hanging Plants 

Hanging plants can be a great way to increase privacy for areas featuring a roof such as a pergola, screened-in porch, or patio. Ferns and flowers are two popular plants types which are easy to grow and low maintenance. Building multiple shelves to house layers of plants can create a full screen and can be a fun DIY project for a weekend!

Be sure to check out our latest ebook, "7 Privacy ideas for an outdoor sanctuary," for some really good quick suggestions to help you transform your yard into a place of private tranquility.

With kids and family spending more time in the yard, the time to install privacy measures is now. Do you have any of your own landscaping privacy tips? Be sure to let us know!

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