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4 Weekends to the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space: Part 1

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 30, 2015


If you’re dreaming of a summer filled with cookouts and outdoor parties, get ready with our new month-long series. The perfect outdoor entertaining space is just four weekends away.

Weekend 1: Build a Patio

A patio provides a level, paved area to entertain and enjoy your yard. It’s the perfect base for our outdoor space.

Once you’ve selected the area you’d like to build your stone patio, consider the following tips:

  • Mark off the area for the patio. Be sure to avoid trees/root systems, utility lines and any other potential hazards.
  • Use a mini-excavator to dig out the area for your patio, ensuring that it slopes to the correct proportions for drainage. Depending on your soil type, you should expect to dig 6 to 10 inches deep to allow for the correct amounts of gravel and landscaping fabric under the patio. Remember that low-lying or wet soils need a thicker base than dryer soils.
  • Use a skid steer to move gravel and stone to the patio site. It will save you time and labor over manually hauling each load with a wheelbarrow.
  • Lay stones directly into sand, tamping down for an even surface. Be sure to keep the spacing even with 3/8-inch gaps, just as if you were laying tile inside.
  • Use sand to fill cracks between stone and tamp down again.

Up Next: Adding a pergola for shade. 

CPER DIY Infographic CTA 

Tags: DIY, outdoor, outdoor entertaining, patio, Mini Excavator, skid steer, equipment rental