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4 Easy Steps for Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Posted by: Erika Green on November 23, 2020

_NSK5024.jpg (1)

Tree care is a necessary part of yard work and a great project to take on yourself. From clearing dead limbs to pruning large shrubs, it’s easy when you have tree trimming equipment and tool rentals to keep you safe and get the job done right.

Follow these 4 steps to tackle tree trimming this season:

Step 1: Determine your Tree Trimming Equipment Needs 

This first step in this process is to survey your property and identify which trees and shrubs need trimming or pruning. Locate dead or broken limbs, foliage that obstructs views and general pruning needs. Be sure to locate overhead power lines and objects that can cause safety hazards during the tree pruning process.

Step 2: Tree Trimming with a Boom Lift Rental

If you find yourself looking up at mature trees, consider a boom lift rental. Though a ladder may sound like a quick solution for tree care, boom lifts are easy to operate and are a safe option for tree trimming equipment. We offer towable boom lifts like the JLG T350 to make this project more manageable.

When using a boom lift, place on solid level ground and always read the user manual and operating instructions prior to use. Wear all of the proper safety gear including an approved safety harness, especially if you’re ascending with additional tools like a chainsaw.

Step 3: Tree Trimming Tool Safety

Our rental centers carry a variety of tree trimming tools for every project. Depending on how large the trees are that you’re pruning, you may need a chainsaw rental. A power pruner rental also provides an extra-long reach for fast, easy and safe tree pruning for hard-to-reach limbs. When using any of these tree care tools, always use personal protective gear like safety glasses, ear plugs or gloves.

Before you begin pruning, locate any problem branches, electrical wires or structures that could be safety hazards. Also be aware of hanging dead limbs that could be dislodged during pruning and potentially fall.

If you’re using a boom lift, ascend slowly, stop the basket at a safe height and test your reach. If you have to lean over the side of the basket, you’re too far away. Adjust the height of the basket until you can comfortably and safely access the limbs that need pruning. Always stay aware of the fall zone, too. Keep others away from falling branches and tree limbs.

Step 4: Repurpose Excess Branches from Shrub and Tree Pruning

After you’ve completed your tree trimming project, it’s time to take care of those leftover branches. For larger limbs, break them down into logs and kindling with a chainsaw and log splitter rental. They’ll be perfect for outdoor bonfires.

You can also repurpose pruned limbs into landscaping materials. Rent a woodchipper and turn the excess into mulch or break down for composting.

The best time of year to take on tree care is during temperate months to prepare for winter weather. The Home Depot Rental has the tree trimming tools you need at our one-stop shop. Rent what you need and get started this weekend.