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3 Natural Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 19, 2013


Mankind has made great headway in the arena of landscaping, but sometimes mother nature knows best. Using natural shrubbery to isolate your yard is an economically and aesthetic way to add privacy to your space. 

1. Hedges

A hedge is effectively just a wall of plants. You get to decide what the wall is composed of. Hedges can be of purely aesthetic benefit or they can take the place of a fence for screening purposes. Hedges provide excellent coverage from unwanted onlookers and unsightly views, and they are an economical option for both uses. The best types of bushes to use for your hedges will be of the evergreen shrub family. Examples of evergreen shrubs include the Japanese Holly and the flowering Mountain Laurel, which can both reach a mature height of 10 feet. For more uniform screening, Boxwood shrubs are an excellent choice. These shrubs can also be shaped and trimmed. Be sure to do adequate research when choosing your hedge plants, as some cannot be groomed and others will require it (i.e. the lazier landscaper will opt for the a Mountain Laurel). Installing matures shrubs calls for the use of a mini-excavatortractor loader backhoe or mini-skid with auger, which you can rent and man yourself for a quicker installation. If you are clearing ground for the first time, a brush cutter can be helpful. 

2. Privacy trees

We just can't get enough of them. Planting trees is good for the environment and your appraiser. Installing privacy trees is a small chore in comparison to building a fence. If you're concealing a large space and have many trees to install, renting a backhoe or an excavator will greatly reduce the workload and time required for tree installation. These machines also allow for more precision when digging, which further expedites the process. All things considered, privacy trees provide excellent screening and are a long lasting, low-maintenance solution that will add value to your home.

3. Container plants

These are the last but not the least of these solutions you can use to add privacy to your yard. Adding container around the perimeter of your porch or an area you are trying to seclude creates an effective privacy screen while adding variety to your landscape. While they do not require a whole lot of attention, a regular watering schedule is recommended.  Container plants come with the most variety and are easy to to install. Evergreen trees such as the Emerald Arborvitae will thrive in a container and do a very effective job of screening. The Red Buckeye is a deciduous tree that will also produce a great screening effect while providing beautiful blooms even as a sapling. Trees are great options for containers, but the best solution by far is the bamboo plant. Bamboo is an ideal fast-growing screen that looks great in a container. Make sure you keep to the container method with bamboo, as it is an aggressively invasive species.

Source: HGTV 

Do you prefer the craftsmanship of manmade privacy screening solutions? Or are you in favor mother nature’s hedges? Perhaps the best arrangement would be a combination of the two. Whichever screening method you chose, make sure you have the equipment to get the job done.

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